IntelliJ IDEA

Einen kostenfreien Vortrag von ca. 105 min. Dauer inkl. kleiner Snacks zum anschließenden Reflektieren können Sie erhalten:

Um was geht´s?

Through Groovy & Grails, Spring, Hibernate, and of course Java. Mr. Vaclav Pech will demonstrate a few of the code concepts that IntelliJ IDEA has become famous for. We´ll explore Development by Intention, the benefits of truly deep and intuitive Refactoring, and Polyglot programming with cross-language support, as well as commenting on the value of highly intelligent editing, debugging, code assistance, and code analysis - all with supportive examples and code-based demonstrations. To wrap up, we´ll address the future of Project Dependency analysis, simpler ways to integrate with Version Control Systems, and the relationship between Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA. Vaclav is adept at taking theoretical topics and bringing them to life through live coding, so this demonstration promises to be both informative and entertaining.


Speaker: Mr. Vaclav Pech, JetBrains



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