Axis WSDD Reference: typeMapping

Can be used in

deployment, service


A typemapping maps a qualified XML name to a Java type. Global typemappings visible to all services can be deployed in a deployment element, or the visibility can be confined to a service if the typeMapping element is inside a service element. There are additional differences aside from visibility. For example, if a global typemapping is deployed a second time, the old mapping will remain and the new configuration will not be used. The effects may be hard to debug.

If a BeanSerializer and BeanDeSerializer are used in a typemapping, then the namespace for the corresponding XML schema type in a generated WSDL document differs depending on the location of the typemapping element. A mapping inside a service uses the service's namespace. A global mapping always derives a namespace from the Java package of the Java type.

<deployment xmlns=""
    <typeMapping xmlns:ns=""



If the BeanSerializer and BeanDeSerializer are used in a typemapping the abbreviated form beanMapping can be used instead.


qnameyes-The qualified name of XML elements used for serialization tns:Order
typeno-Java class for the mapping. The name must be qualified in the namespace . java:com.osmoticweb.Order
languageSpecificTypeno-Java class for the mapping. This attribute can be used instead of the attribute
encodingStylenoDepends on the used SOAP versionSOAP encoding used for serialization. The URI for SOAP 1.1 encoding or SOAP 1.2 encoding can be used as value. , http//
serializeryes-Factory for serializerorg.apache.axis.encoding.ser.BeanSerializerFactory
deserializeryes-Factory for deserializerorg.apache.axis.encoding.ser.BeanDeserializerFactory


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