Axis WSDD Reference: service

Can be used in

deployment, undeployment


The service element can be used to deploy or undeploy a service. The following deployment descriptor contains an RPC service named PurchaseService. The class com.osmoticweb.axisdemo.PurchaseService is used as service implementation. The order and cancel methods are exposed as SOAP operations.
<deployment xmlns="" xmlns:java="">
    <service name="PurchaseService" 
        <parameter name="className" value="com.osmoticweb.axisdemo.PurchaseService"/>
        <parameter name="allowedMethods" value="order, cancel"/>

In the following deployment descriptor a service with the name spprovider is undeployed.

<undeployment xmlns="">
    <service name="spprovider"/>
Handlers can be invoked before and after the execution of a service.


nameyes-Name of the service.PurchaseService
provideryes-Name of the provider used for this service. The name must be in the xmlns:java="" namespacejava:RPC, java:EJB, java:RMI, java:MSG, ...
stylenorpcDetermines the structure of the soap body.rpc, document, wrapped, message
usenoencodedMessage encodingencoded, literal
attachmentnoMIMEFormat for attachmentsNONE, MIME, DIME


beanMapping0...*Local typemapping with the scope of this service. The typemapping is not visible to other services. The element beanMapping is a simplified form of a typeMapping.
typeMapping0...*Local typemapping with the scope of this service. The typemapping is not visible to other services.
endpointURL0...1Endpoint URL for the service in generated WSDL
namespace0...*Namespace for the target namespace in generated WSDL
operation0...*Metadata describing an operation with faults, parameter names and modes.
requestFlow0...*The handlers of this chain are invoked before the service handler
responseFlow0...*The handlers of this chain are invoked after the service handler
handlerInfoChain0...1JAX-RPC handler
documentation0...1Description of the service. Since Axis 1.2 the documentation is included in generated WSDL.
wsdlFile0...1Location of a WSDL document that is returned instead of generated WSDL


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